Rump, Alexis England

Rump, Alexis England


ALEXIS ENGLAND (Contemporary)
Rump (From Horse Series), 2016
Mixed media on canvas
48 x 48 inches


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Receiving prizes for art at a very early age, England nevertheless left York Academy of Art to focus on her musical talents. Moving to Los Angeles she went on to perform and record with the likes of Stevie Wonder. After a serious singing career she returned to New York City and her art.  Largely self taught, her ‘commercial’ paintings of commissioned animal portraits are coveted and widely known yet she has not chosen to show her more personal work until now.

 This series is based on the horse. The angles, the heft, the “incredible combination of bulk and muscle and gorgeous balletic lines.” Working primarily in oils and experimental combinations, England has always been especially attuned to the animal world, focusing on “tribulations” keen to put some kind of voice of the voiceless onto canvas.