"I envision each piece as an intricate part of the entire space and work with existing or future decorating to fuse the personality, style and sensitivity of the client. The success of this approach has often led my clients from wanting just one of my creations to many more."

Alexander von Eikh uses various materials and finishes and he has a technical support team of the highest standard.  He works every aspect of his creations to the most perfect excess in its detail.

"I think we want to be close to nature and beauty. Those are my major influences. That is why my creations maintain their allure beyond trends and styles. You can find them inside interiors that have drastically different influences. Objects in our homes enhance the architecture and space. I think of jewelry. You wear jewelry not to compensate, but to define your personal style."  Each piece defines one's personal style. Beautiful in its individuality, and remarkably versatile, each can easily translate into surroundings of any style.

"High design is not about expensive stuff our friends may admire. It is aesthetics of every day life, the art of living that has ability to influence and inspire."