LEORA ARMSTRONG grew up on the West Coast of Scotland surrounded by the sea, hills and Scottish weather. It was this changing light of the West Coast, upon the landscape, which happens so dramatically and wonderfully that has inspired her to work with colour. After graduating with Honors from Chelsea College of Art, she now lives and works in upstate New York.

Her work has been based on external light and reflection for many years. The work depicts sometimes horizons, edges of buildings or fields of colour. The joining of the two fields of colour, are often made through seeing the reflection of a colour or shadow on  another plane, from either the light source or the changing dynamic of the landscape.

“There is a moment…only a second really, that one can paint when the light is perfect…sometimes, just before the sun goes or rises and the glow of warmth has crept across the trees and fields…or the shadow of a cloud moves, after the rain storm reflecting not actual colour but one that is almost surreal, and yet, it is, for that one moment, the true colour.”