Artist's Statement: When I paint I often think about beauty, truth, time, and experience. I would say I am a painter that is concerned with traditional aspects of painting: composition, color, gesture, balance, resolution.  Logic also plays a significant role in my work.  I think good paintings and good painters have developed a logic to their work which is intuitive and universal.  I try to apply a visual and thematic logic to my paintings.  I use text for lots of different reasons: sometimes it's form, sometimes it's an idea, sometimes it just feels right for the painting or I just have something on my mind.  I feel very lucky to be a painter as I have the luxury to think about things that many people don’t have the time to think about.  The question I constantly find I'm asking myself is "What does it mean to make a painting?" whether I am starting a new work or looking at other people's work.


Tufts University, BA French Literature

Boston Museum School, Photography

Freelance Photographer/Photographer's Assistant

Various Posts, P/Kaufmann Fabrics

President, Clarence House Fabrics

Principal, NIL Studio, Interior Design and Art